Safety Checklist and Rules of Usage

Kissimmee Bounce Houses Rentals are an enjoyable way to spend a day. However, we at Kissimmee Bounce Houses Rentals places a lot of emphasis on the safety rules of bounce house, combos, and waterslide bounce/slides. Here is a list of rules to abide by while your little jumpers jump their heart away in one of our jump houses or inflatable slides. At the time of delivery we also have an inflatable bounce house safety checklist exactly like this one. We send one by email before the delivery and you have to read and keep on file at the same time our driver brings this same contract upon delivery. It’s mandatory to initial by each safety rule at the beginning of every bounce house rental as our driver goes over it with you, just another way to keep your little bouncers bouncing and having fun.

Rules of Use


__________ Adult supervision required at all times. “18 Or Over”
__________ Absolutely no shoes sharp object or foreign objects allowed inside or around jump house at any time.
__________ No Horse Play around bounce house at anytime.
__________ Absolutely no silly string, eyeglasses or jewelry in or around your bounce house rental.
__________ Do not play or climb on outside walls, netting side column or roof of fun house.
__________ Ride will not be used during high winds, rain, lightning or when jump house is partially deflated.
__________ Riders of the same age group must play in the jump house at the same time.
Age 5 (10 riders) Age 8 (8 riders) Age 13 (6 riders).
__________ No adult riders in jump house >15.
__________ Absolutely no food or drinks inside the jump house.
__________ Absolutely no food or drinks inside the jump house.
__________ I’ve been show how to turn on/off blower.
__________ Failure to follow rules will result in loss of ride privileges and I agree to remove any person who if Who is violating these rules and follow these rules myself.
__________ I have received both written and verbal instructions on the safe operation of inflatable’s and agree to Follow all safety rules.

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